Sensei Mary Giles is the primary instructor at KiKenTai Dojo.  She has been a member of the International Shinkendo Federation since 1993 and the Aikibujutsu Taren Kenkyu Federation since 1995.    She trained at the Atlanta Budokan Dojo starting in 1991 before opening her own dojo in 2000. 

Sensei Giles has attended over 52 seminars with Obata-Kaiso across the country.   Besides Shinkendo, Aikibujutsu and Bojutsu, Sensei Giles is certified in several other styles, with a combined martial arts experience that spans over 48 years and 10 different martial arts styles.  

Sensei Mary Giles currently works in the microelectronics industry as an Electrical Engineer. She is married with 4 children and is a retired US Army Reserve Captain.


Current Ranks and Instructor Licenses:

Shinkendo: Toku-e Rank (equiv to 4th degree blackbelt) with Chuden-Renshi Instructor License

Aikibujutsu: Yondan (4th degree black-belt) With Shidoin Instructor License

Toyama ryu: Yondan with Shidoin Instructor License

Bojutsu: Nidan (2nd degree black-belt)

Budokan Karate-do:  Sandan (3rd degree black-belt)

Aku Te Seishin Ryu Jujitsu: Nidan  (2nd degree black-belt)



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